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Wondering why no one told you? SO WAS I! Turns out pregnancy isn't the feel good blissful journey everyone told us it would be. Instead, for some of us lucky ones, it can be 10 months of endlessly feeling being horrible.

So, what can you do? Usually, not much. But if you are desperate to take action and try to make yourself feel better- here are a few places you might want to start.

  1. Practice acceptance: during my pregnancy I was so busy trying to make myself feel better that I didn't stop once to just accept it. Acceptance is HARD WORK. Thats a thing you can do it and guess what, it's free!

  2. Take care of yourself: Yes, you know that you need to take care of yourself for the baby, but did you hear from anyone that you should take care of you- for you. Do it, you don't feel well. So do what you would if you had the flu. Take care of you.

  3. Indulge yourself: Once you have nailed taking care of yourself, take it a step further and indulge. Buy some new sheets, fresh flowers and whatever food / drink you can actually handle. Dig into whatever activity actually makes you feel ok.

  4. Don't hide how you are feeling: Argh, the amount of times people looked at me with this you must be feeling great look- and I was like no homie I barfed on the street 5 minutes ago. Don't hide it. Hiding it is not only more work for you, but its also perpetuating this disillusioned idea that you should be feeling amazing during your pregnancy. Fuck it. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable aunt betty or barista bob- but no, I'm not feeling great.

  5. Remember: You felt better before (RIGHT?!)! You didn't always feel like barfing? You weren't always afflicted with horrid haemorrhoids? Things will get better.


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