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When you dream of pregnancy and the magic that comes with growing a baby, what you may gloss over is something else you might develop: hemorrhoids!

While a very common pregnancy side effect as babes can push on all the wrong things and things don’t “flow” as they normally do, these pesky buggers can turn a positive experience into a really dreadful one. Fear not, you aren’t alone, it’s fairly common and as long as you’re aware of it, some things can help.

Two days before labour, with a very large baby resting on all the wrong places, I developed a few thrombosed roids, translation: external, very painful experience. A quick trip to triage garnered significant sympathy and awe from the resident, but no help in my pregnant state. A tough labour a few days later only made it worse, resulting in 6 thrombosed roids, and an inability to sit or walk. Pretty tricky when you are spending so much time breastfeeding, holding a human, and trying to recover everywhere else. Not fun.

But, after help from some doctors, they were dealt with, but never forgotten. So, to help those who may be, could be or fear of being, stuck with these, here are some tips:

1. If doing your “business” is causing some issues, learn about reverse kegels, they are not only useful in labour, but also in opening up the passage pre-labour. Life changer.

2. Diet can make a big difference, think water, dates, veggies and fruit. I mean with this combo, I would just embrace the smoothie life for a bit, good in so many ways.

3. Post-labour, don’t wait to ask for help. Sometimes they can’t/won’t go away on their own and it’s ok to ask for help.

4. Donuts, the seat, not the food can be your best friend. BUT, buy two, no one wants to risk one breaking at 8pm on a Friday night, take it from experience.


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