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Postpartum Night Sweats are so damn real

Yup, it's a thing. If you didn't know - you might soon find out my friends. One of the joys of early motherhood, waking up in a swimming pool of your own sweat. These night sweats are caused by hormonal changes and are the body's way of getting rid of excess fluid after childbirth.

It's like your body is saying, "Oh, you thought you were done with bodily fluids after labor? Think again!" Night sweats can be annoying and gross, but fear not - we've got some tips to help you manage them.

Invest in a Mattress Cover:

Listen, we all know that feeling of waking up to a wet spot on the bed. But when you're a new mom dealing with postpartum night sweats, it's like a whole 'nother level of gross. Invest in a mattress cover to avoid leaving a lovely body-sized sweat stain. Plus, it'll make clean up a breeze - just toss it in the wash and you're good to go!

Wear Breathable Pajamas:

You might be tempted to sleep in your old college t-shirts and sweatpants, but trust us - you'll want to upgrade your pajama game. Look for super breathable pajamas made from moisture-wicking materials like cotton or bamboo. It'll help keep you cool and dry throughout the night, even when you're sweating like a sinner in church.

Stay Hydrated with a Massive Water Bottle:

Postpartum night sweats can leave you feeling parched and dehydrated, so keep a massive water bottle within arm's reach. Go big or go home, baby - this is not the time for a tiny water bottle. Take sips throughout the night to stay hydrated and keep those sweat-induced headaches at bay. We love these massive bink water bottles.

Wear a Breathable Nursing Bra:

Breastfeeding can make postpartum night sweats even more intense, especially if you're wearing a suffocating bra. Invest in a breathable nursing bra made from moisture-wicking fabrics like bamboo or cotton. Not only will it keep you cool and dry, but it'll also make those 2am feedings a little more comfortable.

Use Cotton Pillow Cases and Sheets:

Synthetic fabrics are the enemy when it comes to postpartum night sweats. They trap heat and moisture, making you feel like you're sleeping in a swamp. Opt for cotton pillowcases and sheets instead. Cotton is a breathable fabric that will help regulate your body temperature and keep you feeling fresh.

Postpartum night sweats are no joke, but they're just another one of those things that come with the territory of motherhood. With these tips, you'll be able to manage them like a pro. Remember - invest in a mattress cover, wear breathable pajamas, stay hydrated with a massive water bottle, wear a breathable nursing bra, and use cotton pillowcases and sheets. And if all else fails, just embrace the sweat and wear it like a badge of honor. You're a mom now - you can handle anything!


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