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Finding a cure for cramps and boredom….

When I just had my daughter, I started baby massage. I was in love immediately. Not only because it helps the little ones in so many things, but also because it is such a nice activity to do with your baby.

Sorry but sometimes I was just bored, what shall I do? Having another walk in the park? Doing some groceries? Singing a song? Reading a book? With baby massage you have something extra to do.


Next to that, and most importantly, it helps them with cramps, with bonding with your little one and to find themselves more secure in their small bodies.

Everything is so new and weird, can you imagine coming out of a warm and soft gentle bad and then suddenly you must learn a lot, grow very hard (and all that comes with it), teeth suddenly grow out of your gums, everyone who needs attention.


The baby massage is like their safe comfort moment, to maybe once or twice a week come back to. To have extra attention from their mom or dad, to have a moment just for the two of them.


My daughter was quite an intense baby (she still is as a 3-year-old), which could make me insecure and her even more intense (I know now), but that moment together, having all the time of the world, to touch her, to get to know her even better, was worth a lot for both of us. I felt her relax a bit more, I felt myself relax a bit more, I was looking forward to that moment during the week to bond and to be together.


She still likes to have a massage from time to time when she has time. So nice to tell her that I was already doing that when she was a baby, and she knows that I am now learning this to other parents. 


I hope she and my sons will also massage their children, so they could also bond on an even deeper level. 

Want to learn more about baby massage? Check out my upcoming classes here.


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