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As a society, we spend a lot of time thinking about the postpartum period in terms of the newborn baby. Sadly, mom is commonly overlooked, especially when it comes to feeding and nurturing her!

Food is so essential to postpartum recovery and the kitchen is a key area to look at when preparing for this time.

Here are the six items Food to Flourish founders and nutritionists Gaia and Helen suggest you make sure you have:

  1. Freezer bags to easily freeze soups and stews (using very little space)

  2. Dried kelp (easily found in Asian supermarkets) to add when boiling legumes for better digestion

  3. Oils (sesame or coconut) that can withstand high temperatures

  4. Tea egg for fresh herbal teas

  5. Hand blender for nut milks, soups, smoothies. A nice strong one will be ideal! 700+ WATT

  6. Bouillon its very easy to make yourself (especially from the kelp you will purchase!) but great to have at home to throw soups and stews together quickly.

Want to learn more? Join Helen and Gaia at their upcoming postpartum nutrition workshop. Click here to register.


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