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Say what? Yeah, I did that.

Things were so grim during my non stop barfing pregnancy, that I followed a very wise reflexologists advice and created a shrine to me and the little human growing inside my tummy. It may sound mental, but it helped. It was a little corner of my home where I could just sit in and send good vibes too. Considering creating your own. Here are all the things I had in mine.

ONE: I kept all ultrasound photos as proof that yes, there was a baby in my tummy.

TWO: Over a few trips my husband I have been on I managed to collect a few shells and rocks. I guess this was why, as they added some nature elements to my shrine

THREE: in a desperate attempt to push away the aforementioned non stop nausea, I included a pile of my favourite preggo pops.

FOUR: In a look to the future, with a little love from the past I added one of mine (or maybe it was my husbands) baby toys

FIVE: To ensure future human that he was indeed on his way to meet a nice family, I had a few photos of my husband and I and our families

This is definitely the most woo woo part of my pregnancy. I don't know why, but it really helped. Are you going to make one? Share a pic with us on Instagram please!!

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