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Building your first aid kit? Paediatrician Dr Camilla Eiffe recommends starting with these essential items.

  1. FIRST AID KIT: Dr. Eiffe recommends you start by buying a first aid kit and then adding to it.

  2. STORAGE CONTAINER: get a kid proof container that is big enough to add to as your baby gets older and you think of more things that may be of use.

  3. THERMOMETER: Good to make an investment here and also make sure you stick to the same method as there can be variation in temperature depending on where you take it from.

  4. PARACETAMOL: always have a box in your medical kit, especially for those middle of the night fevers.

  5. HAND SANITIZER: for cleaning wounds and your medical supplies. PRO TIP: get a few bottles.

  6. Plasters and gauze: be sure to have a good supply on hand in all different sizes.

  7. STICKERS: Dr. Eiffe introduced me to the concept of bravery stickers and I absolutely love it. Dealers choice here, but Im very into this roll of animals.

  8. GET EDUCATED: join us for our online baby medical basics class.


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