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I remember when I was pregnant, watching some crap TLC show and the mom and daughter were legit fighting about a wet wipe warmer. Somehow in that moment, I was like OMG do I need one of those? The answer is a firm NO (thank you Sophie for telling me).

However, there are indeed some things I did need and many of them I had zero clue about.

So here it is, a short list of carefully crowdsourced recommendations of things to have when you're bringing home baby. BIG THANK YOU to all the amazing mamas out there who helped me put this list together. PSA- consider asking around if friends have any of these items before buying them new.

  1. A car seat to physically get the baby from home to hospital

  2. The sleepy head keeps your baby safe and cozy anywhere in the home, so you can do things like shower or stand over the sink shoving cake into your mouth.

  3. You will use these swaddles for everything 24/7. I even wore one as a head wrap one sunny day.

  4. A thermometer for both you and baby to monitor temperatures.

  5. Starter bottle set for Newborns. Always good to have on hand, even if you aren't planning on bottle feeding.

  6. Even if you aren't going to use formula, its always good to have on hand.

  7. Diapers. You will need lots of these, so order in bulk.

  8. Baby wipes. Also a good idea to order in bulk

  9. Eyemask for catching critical daytime naps (and looking cute while doing it).

  10. A stroller. From newborn to toddler and perfectly compact for tiny storage spaces, the Yoyo is one of the best strollers out there.

  11. When you need a protein push I can't suggest having an easy and quick source like these around.

  12. Bamboo Breast pads for for leaky nips.

  13. Pads for what feels like endless postpartum bleeding.

  14. A very intense water bottle that seems like overkill, but it's not. HYDRATION!

  15. Nipple cream to sooth your cracked nipples.


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