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Having to pack for someone else is always difficult, especially when that someone else is a child. If you forget something, you can feel like you have failed. So before I start- please know you will often forget something and THAT IS OK. Especially when it comes to a first aid kit- there will be somewhere to go and get that thing that you desperately need.

This list should act as a guide for deciding what to pack in that all essential (but hopefully never used) travel first aid kit!

  1. Prescription meds: If you have been prescribed medication, make sure you have the prescription from your doc/pharmacist. Also, if it is something weird and wonderful e.g. morphine based it can be wise to check if the country you are going to 'allows it'. Most will of course if it is prescribed!

  2. Required Medication: Do you require any medication for the place that you are traveling to e.g. malaria tablets? Make sure everything is in date!

  3. Small First Aid Kit with: scissors, plasters, bandages, medical adhesive tape, alcohol wipes/spray/gel, antiseptic cream, eye wash solution, tweezers/safety pin (for splinters), thermometer. You can either buy one from your pharmacy/supermarket or make one up yourself in a small bag. Keep it in your hand luggage (unless it has liquids over the allowed volume).

  4. A pain relief such as paracetamol Antihistamine for any allergies, bites or stings that cause itching/swelling. The type of antihistamine you can buy over the counter varies from country to country. ,Ask your pharmacist!

  5. After bite/sting cream

  6. Bug spray- Note that some are only recommended over the age of 3 years. You can also get natural versions from eg Holland & Barrett.

  7. Oral Rehydration Solution such as Dioralyte. This is useful if your child gets diarrhoea and/or vomiting to help stay hydrated. Again ask your pharmacist!

  8. Don't forget sunscreen. Depending on the age of your child (and their temperament), this can either be a lovely calm massage moment with your child or a inevitable tantrum (with mine it's the latter). I go for sprays and a roll on for the face, but as long as you manage to get it on them it's all good.

  9. in case car/plane sickness make sure you pack a vomit bag, change of clothes, wipes

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