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Your Roadmap to Having a Baby in The Netherlands Upcoming Dates

Ooops! Looks like there are no upcoming dates. Pregnant? Looking to gain confidence on the road ahead?

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Considering or on your way to having a baby in The Netherlands?

From home birth to postpartum Mary Poppins (kraamzorg!), midwifery care, birth hotels, and how many days you have to choose a name for your baby.....this session has you covered with everything you need to know!

Overview of how Dutch maternity healthcare is structured

Your options for birth locations in and around Amsterdam

Comfort measures, along with an introduction to pain relief options

Image by Nastya Dulhiier

Amsterdam doula & matrescence coach Ilena Standring presents a comprehensive roadmap to guide you through what you can expect during pregnancy, birth and beyond here in the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is this class for?

Every woman, man, person, partner, spouse or bestie who might be considering having a baby in the Netherlands or might be considering supporting their person who is having a baby here.


Pregnant people who want to know more about what to expect when you're expecting in NL (even if you've already planned a birth course!); and 2nd or 3rd time round parents who are perhaps new to the world of pregnancy, birth and babies here in NL.

What does this session offer?

  • A concise overview of how Dutch maternity healthcare is structured

  • Your options with regards to birth locations in and around Amsterdam

  • A gamut of ideas for comfort measures and introduction to pain relief

  • Time to address worries, questions or ideas with an expert

Image by Lisette Verwoerd
This workshop was so insightful. It helped me figure out how to navigate the Dutch system, what to look for and what to request based on my preferences for a (tentative) birth plan
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