Welcome to the Club.

Welcome to the Club.


For the new mama who has received more baby rompers and bibs then she knows what to do with. This care package includes four essential items made by mamas for mamas to help get you through those early days of motherhood (and beyond). 


Lemon Poppy Tea Mama Blend

Milf Cosmetics, the Nipplestick

Sara Rosalie Eye Balm

Hand Embroidered Hanky

  • Lemon Poppy Tea Mama Blend

    Handpicked in the mountains of Albania, Lemon Poppy Tea Mama Blend is loaded with minerals and antioxidants to stay hydrated & calm day and night. Ingredients include Mountain Tea*, Marigold**, Chamomile** & Lavender**. 

    Tasting notes: soft, buttery, sweet and fresh afternote 

    *Wild growing herb

     **Product of organic farming 

  • Milf Cosmetics, the Nipplestick

    From Berlin-based brand Milf Cosmetics, the Nipplestick helps sooth pain and quickly heal cracked nipples. It’s easy to apply, non-sticky and moisturizing. As it’s organic and vegan you don’t have to wash it off before breastfeeding or pumping. Finally it comes in an eco-friendly, zero plastic packaging that is easy to take with you on the go.