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Tajinebanane nursing tank + Travel nipple stick by milf cosmetics 


Tajinebanane nursing tank: Wear this perfect nursing tank under your fav sweaters, dressy with a jacket for dates - in short, day and night, they will be indispensable items in your wardrobe! 


Travel nipple stick by milf cosmetics: Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable or even painful, especially in the beginning. Sensitive and sore nipples that require a lot of care are often to blame. Our 100% natural nipple stick is a high-quality, minimalist care product for the best skin tolerance, care and regeneration.

What is inside?Organic shea butter and calendula extract provide your skin with moisture, support its natural regeneration and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The nipple pin comes in an ecological push-up container made from FSC-certified cardboard.

The Boob Kit

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