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Ah, one of the many perks of giving birth in The Netherlands. But what are these mythical creatures known as Kraamzorgs? We spoke with Jillz Kraamzorgs to get the inside scoop.

What does a kraamzorg do?

"Kraamzorg is first and foremost for the mother and child. we will do the daily medical checkups with both and that includes weight check for the baby, checking the amounts of milk the baby drank, the colour of the baby, the breathing. We work as natural as possible, we let mother and baby do all the work and we just check and give tips and tricks. We have the protocol in the back of our minds but we let nature do it’s work first."

When should you try and book one?

"You have to sign up around 8-12 weeks some woman are sooner and that’s why all are full!"

How do you know if they are right for you?

"It’s a feeling I have, the chemistry between me and the family. and I check a few things like are there dogs.. Michaela is fond of them and i like the small ones but not so much the big so I have them as my backup. And the interests people have makes me think ahh this a fun for Gabie. As we are there to work but also to make the family feel good".


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